30 years of the Vietnam-East Germany Labour Cooperation Program marked in Germany

The Overseas Vietnamese Association in Wilthen-Bautzen and surrounding areas held a meeting on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their arrival to Germany under the Labour Cooperation Program between Vietnam and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) in Wilthen city, Sachsen state, Germany, on July 1st.

Implementing the labor cooperation program between Vietnam and Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union, including the German Democratic Republic, Vietnam sent generations of officials and employees to Germany.

In July 1987, hundreds of people were sent to the VEB Textile Union, shoe factories, combine harvester factories, candle production factories and garment factories. At that time, this was a major industrial area with the largest Vietnamese population in the German Democratic Republic.

At the meeting, Mr. Michal Herfort, Mayor of Wilthen city, appreciated the contributions of the Vietnamese community to the development of Wilthen city and its surrounding areas.

According to him, the generations of staff sent to Germany under the Vietnam-German Democratic Republic labor cooperation program have deeply integrated and greatly contributed to strengthening the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Mr. Le Thanh Hai, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany, emphasized that the staff of the labor cooperation program have made many contributions to the friendship and labour cooperation between Vietnam and Germany, their lives have developed and are more stable to quickly integrate and assert their role and voice in the social life of the host country in general, and with the Vietnamese community living in Germany in particular.

The meeting was also a meaningful time for the staff to review the difficult times and efforts to overcome in the life during their first days arriving in Germany./.

Source: dangcongsan.vn