Bulletin “Friendship & Cooperation” – A multidimensional channel of Hanoi’s people-to-people diplomacy


Celebrating the 92th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (21/6/1925 – 21/6/2017)

Nowadays, journalism and communication nearly exist in all fields of life. They don’t just exist but also play an important part in modern life. If we can take advantage of press in communication affairs then a policy, activity or an event of the administrative unit will spread more effectively.

The Vietnamese Party and Government always appreciate people-to-people diplomacy and people working in this field because this is an important force of  foreign affairs. The advantage of people-to-people diplomacy is that easily approaching some countries, regions or territories, as well as some problems that state diplomacy doesn’t have chance to implement, which will be the foundation for state diplomacy.

President Ho Chi Minh, a great leader and brilliant diplomat of our nation, always pursued an open policy of foreign affairs, found the common things, exploited all possibilities with the purpose of gathering and creating solidarity front to support Vietnam in the war of national liberation and development. This is “ going to people’s hearts, conquering by morality, changing by humanity, convincing people to boost the strength of justice”; convincing by the justice to call for support from international friends.

To reach that goal, we have to develop mutual understandings and support of international friends. According to Mr. Vu Xuan Hong, Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, he said “ people-to-people diplomacy is basically mass mobilization and convincing people around the world, also encouraging Vietnamese people to follow the guideline that Vietnam is a reliable and responsible partner of the international community”. Besides several activities of groups and social-political organizations, press agencies also play a very important role.


First, about the quality, according to Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Truong Minh Tuan: “Nowadays, in all over the nation, there are 845 press agencies with 1118 publications, 1 national news agency, 67 radio television networks, numbers of video broadcasting networks are 179 channels, 33 cable television suppliers, 98 online newspaper agencies and 1525 online portals, 420 authorized social networks with a lot of views which have such an effect on the community. If we receive strong support from all press agencies so the information of people-to-people diplomacy will reach to all domestic and international objects.

Next is about the quality. This year we celebrate a lot of important events: the 91th anniversary of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Press Day and 66th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Press Association. Over the past century, the Vietnam journalism has made a lot of outstanding development; now we have thousands professional journalists with modern equipment. If each reporter is an official working in people-to-people diplomacy, we will have such a strong force of people who are really good at communications as well as doing mass mobilization with domestic people and even Vietnamese living overseas, international friends. The beautiful, peaceful and stable image of Vietnam;  and the image of friendly, open-minded people which are the pride of all the nation and also the attraction to international friends.

Besides promoting, an important mission of journalism is propagating to each Vietnamese people, implementing the motto “Vietnam is a friends and a reliable and responsible partner of the international community”. It must be shown through the civilization, the good behavior, the knowledge and reaction that makes visitors want to come back again. And they will be the friendly ambassadors that help us do people-to-people diplomacy in their hometown.

Not just relying on other press agencies, during the past few years, the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations (HAUFO) has done good job itself with people-to-people diplomacy propaganda. Beginning with publishing quarterly, nowadays the bulletin “Friendship & Cooperation” becomes a monthly print which has professional content and appearance, bilingual article. All the collaborators have good knowledge of people-to-people diplomacy. The information is updated monthly that shows various and effective activities of HAUFO. Therefore, the Bulletin becomes a highlight spot of Hanoi’s people-to-people diplomacy.

With its first achievements, hopefully that the Bulletin “Friendship & Cooperation” will contributed more effectively, together with other press agencies to become an important part of people-to-people diplomacy.