HAUFO receives Chilean chargé d’affaires Gonzalo Guaiquil


On May 16, at the headquarters of the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations, HAUFO’s leaders had a meeting with Chilean chargé daffaires Gonzalo Guaiquil for his new term in Vietnam.

On behalf of HAUFO, Vice Chairwoman Tran Phuong congratulated Mr. Gonzalo Guaiquil on his appointment to Vietnam. She also expressed her satisfaction at the good development of relations between two countries in general as well as between HAUFO and the Embassy.

Mr. Gonzalo Guaiquil expressed his great honor to receive his work in Vietnam and thanks HAUFO for the meeting. He had opportunities to participated in a number of HAUFO’s friendship activities. In his opinion, the relationship between the Chilean Embassy and HAUFO is very special. He stressed that he would do his best to promote the friendship between two countries. In particular, he expressed his wish that HAUFO would create favorable conditions for the embassy to participate and coordinate in more activities of the City in the future.

  Tuan Minh