Over the past five years (2012 – 2017), the political and security situation in the world has unfolded complicatedly; globalization and scientific and technological advances have strongly affected international integration and created an impulse to cooperation, dialogue and peaceful coexistence among countries. In that context, Vietnam has persistently implemented open foreign policies of the Party and the State, and multilateralized and diversified international relations, which contribute to enhancing Vietnam’s position in the international arena. Under the motto “Initiative, flexibility, creativity and effectiveness”, Vietnam’s people-to-people diplomacy has contributed to maintaining peaceful environment, expanding friendly relations and cooperation, and strengthening mutual understanding between Vietnamese people and international friends.

Together with the whole country, the capital of Hanoi has made important development steps recently. Under the direct leadership of the City Party Committee and deep consideration of the City People’s Committee, the people-to-people diplomacy has changed robustly and dynamically with a wide range of contents and forms of activity, which are highly appreciated and acknowledged by the City’s leaders, Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, and international friends.

HAUFO’s executive committee would like to make a brief report on the operation of the 4th Congress (2012-2017 tenure) and present the agenda for the 5th Congress (2017-2022 tenure) as follows:

Part I

Evaluation of the five years of implementing the Resolutions of the 4th Congress (2012-2017 term)

  1. The achieved results
  2. Organization

HAUFO’s 2012-2017 tenure attached special importance to organization, taking initiative in coordinating with the City Party Committee, departments, branches, units and organizations of the city. It also actively implemented Directive 04-CT/TW dated July 6, 2011 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (11th tenure) and Notice 04-TT/TW dated November 6, 2011 by the Hanoi City Party Committee on “renovation and effective enhancement of people-to-people diplomacy in the new situation”; coordinated with the City Fatherland Front Committee to draw up documents guiding the establishment of friendship unions and branches in Hanoi-based districts and newly-enlarged areas to strengthen and expand people-to-people diplomacy. On that basis, HAUFO focused on guiding the establishment and consolidation of friendship associations and their member organizations, and developing friendship branches at the units.

In the last term, HAUFO established one more association and hundreds of branches at localities and units in various fields. The Union has had 24 assocations and member organizations with more than 29,000 members (an increase of 3000 members compared to the 2007-2012 period). The Union’s specialized unit paid due attention to strengthening the organization, supervising and speeding up the associations in their regular activities.

In 2016, the Union and the City Party Committee’s Commission for Mass Mobilization helped the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee to sum up partially the five years of implementing Directive 04-CT/TW dated July 6, 2011 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (11th tenure) and Notice 04-TT/TW dated November 6, 2011 by the Hanoi City Party Committee on “renovation and effective enhancement of the people-to-people diplomacy in the new situation”. Thereby, the awareness of different levels, branches, cadres, Party members and people on the role and position of people-to-people diplomacy in the new situation has been enhanced, and people-to-people diplomacy in every locality and unit boosted.

  1. The activities for peace, solidarity and friendship

HAUFO has always played a key role in the activities for peace and friendship. It has coordinated with the departments, services, branches and organizations of the City, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), the central friendship associations and foreign diplomatic representatives to organize plenty of activities that make an active contribution to strengthening and expanding the people-to-people diplomacy in Hanoi. The specific results are to maintain friendship relations and cooperation with foreign diplomatic representative offices in Vietnam; to take initiative in the operations of people-to-people diplomacy; and to create friendship and openness with foreign organizations. Many activities of people-to-people diplomacy are frequently held with renewal of content and form to meet the expectation of international friends. Those include the art exchange program “Welcoming the New Year” with the participation of Vietnamese and foreign professional and amateur artists, that are highly appreciated by international friends; the program “Spring Friendship Journey” held in early springs to acquaint foreigners who are working and studying in Hanoi with its historical sites and traditional craft villages, including Đường Lâm and Old Village in Sơn Tây; Hai Bà Trưng Temple in Phúc Thọ; Thầy Pagoda in Quốc Oai; Tây Phương Pagoda in Thạch Thất; Cổ Loa Citadel, Đào Thục water puppetry village in Đông Anh; Bát Tràng ceramic village in Gia Lâm, and so on; the program Friendship exchange to celebrate the traditional New Year of some Asian countries helps strengthening friendship ties between the Hanoians and international friends on the occasion of their traditional New Year.

HAUFO and the Department of Culture and Sports have jointly organized significant activities. The program “Culinary exchange between Hanoi and international friends” held in Lý Thái Tổ Garden draws the participation of 50 stalls introducing traditional dishes of Hanoi and many countries in the world, attracting a large number of local people and international friends; the art exchange program and the photo exhibition on the occasion of the establishment of ASEAN also attract the participation of numerous international friends; “Hanoi Moi Newspaper Run for Peace” annually attracts nearly 300 foreigners from 30 countries.

The Union has always taken interest in popularizing the image of Hanoi—a city for peace among foreigners, especially the young generation. It annually holds international painting contests with the themes “I love Hanoi – City for peace” and “Peace for the earth”, attracting the participation of hundreds of children from Hanoi and various countries.

Especially, from 2012 up to now, in order to promote Vietnamese culture, the capital of Hanoi in general, and the Vietnamese language in particular to international friends, HAUFO and The Gioi Publishers have jointly organized Vietnamese classes for foreign diplomats in Hanoi. The classes, at basic and advanced levels, have drawn more and more students who are ambassadors, deputy ambassadors, their spouses and staff of foreign embassies in Hanoi. With experienced teachers and well-compiled textbooks, most learners can use basic Vietnamese for everyday conversations after 3 months.

The special features in this tenure are the people-to-people diplomatic activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the capital’s liberation and the 15th anniversary since Hanoi being recognized as the City for Peace by UNESCO.

– The exhibition “15 years of HanoiThe City for Peace is held to introduce domestic and foreign visitors to Hanoi – the City for Peace, a Capital of a 1000-year-old civilization and a dynamic city in the course of integration and development through the lens of international friends who reside in Vietnam and have a passionate love for Hanoi[1].

– In the talk on “Hanoi – The City for Peace, 15 years of integration and development”, the Organizing Committee receives 20 papers of managers, researchers and representatives of the people. They are the voice of those who love Hanoi[2].

– Co-organizing the final of “the 41st Open Hanoi Moi Newspaper Run for Peace 2014.[3]

– Co-organizing the “Cultural Festival for Peace” with numerous significant activities, attracting a large number of local residents and international friends[4]. On this occasion, the City People’s Committee awarded the title of Hanoi Honorary Citizens for 12 foreign individuals who have contributed to building, developing, expanding and strengthening solidarity, friendship and international cooperation of Hanoi. HAUFO recommened 3 out of 12, including Mrs Katherine Muller-Marin, UNESCO Chief Representative in Vietnam, Mr Fredesman Turro Gonzalez, former ambassador of Cuba to Vietnam, and Mr Murayama Tomiichi, former Japanese Prime Minister and president of the JapanVietnam Peace and Friendship Promotion Council.

– HAUFO, VUFO and the Hanoi Department of Education and Training jointly organize the “Run for Peace” in order to promote peace, international solidarity, mutual understanding and exchange among the peoples of countries and contribute to enhancing mankind’s awareness of peace.[5]

The activities for peace and friendship are constantly reviewed and renewed in terms of content and form. HAUFO coordinates with concerned departments, services, branches and units to organize cultural and sports activities on the occasion of the New Year and anniversary days of Vietnam and other countries, attracting many international friends.

  1. Exchange activities for international relations and external reception
  2. Exchange results

In the past tenure, HAUFO and its members have continuously developed relationships with foreign organizations through exchange activities. Thus, the image and achievements of Vietnam and Hanoi has been promoted to international friends. It has made them more understand, share and love the Vietnamese country and people.

* Receiving delegations from other countries in a thoughtful, safe and effective manner: HAUFO has cooperated with VUFO to welcome 40 delegations to visit Vietnam and Hanoi. We also coordinate with these delegations to organize many diverse activities, leaving good impression in the heart of the capital’s people, such as introduction of Japanese calligraphy, Beijing-ASEAN cultural journey, painting exhibition “I draw Vietnam – I draw Russia”, etc.

* Organizing delegations to other countries to expand relations and international cooperation: HAUFO has cooperated with its members and VUFO to organize 20 visits to some countries [6]. In particular, in December 2014, HAUFO organized a visit authorized by the Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee to confer the title “Hanoi’s Honorary Citizen” to Mr. Murayama Tomiichi, Former Prime Minister of Japan and Chairman of the Japan-Vietnam Peace Development Council for his contribution to Hanoi. In May 2017, HAUFO organized a working visit for Hanoi’s delegation led by Mr. Le Hong Son, Member of the Hanoi Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, to South Africa and Japan. The delegation had meetings with many partners, including the Embassies of Vietnam in South Africa and Japan, Toshima District Government in Tokyo, Pretoria (Tshwane) Gorverment in South Africa, the Japan-Vietnam Peace Development Council, and the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association. After this visits, members of the delegation studied these two countries’ practical experiences in urban management and development, environmental protection, sustainable development, and the promotion of the unique cultural identity. This contributed to the enhancement of understanding and friendship between Hanoi, Vietnam in general with Japan and South Africa.

  1. External reception

HAUFO’s external reception has contributed significantly to the development of close friendship with foreign partners in Viet Nam, facilitating coordination and enhancing supports to Hanoi’s events.

On holidays and anniversaries, HAUFO often holds meetings, exchanges, and send congratulatory letters, thereby strengthening the relationship between Hanoi’s people and international friends.[7]

  1. Communication work

It has been 5 years since the implementation of Directive 04-CT/TW dated July 6, 2011 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (11th tenure) and Notice 04-TT/TW dated November 6, 2011 by the Hanoi City Party Committee on “renovation and effective enhancement of people-to-people diplomacy in the new situation”. The awareness of Party committees, authorities, Fatherland Front, mass organizations, officials, Party members and Hanoi’s people on people-to-people diplomacy continues to be enhanced, consolidated and developed with many effective activities. HAUFO has actively coordinated with the Hanoi Fatherland Front Committee to disseminate this information to officials, HAUFO’s member associations and districts.

During the last tenure, many communication activities have been implemented by HAUFO as follows:

– To build reports on Hanoi’s people-to-people diplomacy during the period of renovation and development, to review and promote the Capital’s external activities.

– To publish the monthly Friendship and Cooperation Bulletin in both Vietnamese and English, to update information daily on politics, foreign affairs of Vietnam and Hanoi, activities of HAUFO member associations and organizations on the website (

– To organize training conferences on people-to-people diplomacy for HAUFO’s Executive Committee and leaders of friendship associations to improve skills and update local and international news.

– To coordinate with the Hanoi Peace Committee to collect thousands of signatures as the common voice of the Vietnamese people to the world in the struggle for peace, and protesting wrongful ideas which distort our foreign policy.

– Given the complicated situation in the East Sea, HAUFO, the Hanoi Peace Committee, and the young intellectuals developed and introduced the column “Peace for the East Sea” on HAUFO’s website at The site has received nearly 20,000 signatures to support peace for the East Sea, and also called on China to withdraw immediately its illegal oilrig and escort vessels from Viet Nam’s exclusive economic zone.

– To promote Hanoi – the City for Peace to international friends, acquainting them with typical cultural heritage of Hanoi such as the 82 steles at the Temple of Literature, Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, Giong Festival, Duong Lam Ancient Village, etc.

– To organize seminars to promote economic, culture, tourism and trade development related to people-to-people diplomacy, such as: the seminar “Role of the People’s External Relations in the promotion of culture and Hanoi’s people to international friends” on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Vietnamese diplomatic tradition and the 65th  anniversary of the people-to-people diplomacy traditional day, the seminar “Opportunities and Challenges When Vietnam Joins TPP” held by HAUFO, the Vietnam-US Friendship Association, and Hanoi Institute for Socio-Economic Studies.

  1. 5. Non-governmental and charitable activities

Over the past five years, HAUFO and its members have raised over VND 5 billion of philanthropic donation. There are many activities that received social supports such as the fund “For the beloved Truong Sa islands”, the funds for poor people, difficult families of Hanoi capital, flood victims in Vietnam and Thailand, earthquake victims in Japan, etc.

On Tet traditional holiday, the Liberation Day, and the Day of War Invalids and Martyrs, HAUFO regularly organizes activities of paying the debt of gratitude, including visits to cemeteries, presenting gifts worth hundreds of millions VND to disadvantaged families in Hanoi’s suburban areas, Dien Bien Phu and Vietnam’s Central provinces. HAUFO has also mobilized more than 200 million VND for the fund “For green-clean-beautiful environment” to plant trees at Hoa Binh Park, some temples, hospitals and schools.

  1. Activities of member associations and organizations

Member associations and organizations regularly participated in HAUFO’s activities and maintain its activities such as organizing seminars for socio-economic development, cultural and sports exchanges, environmental protection activities, social charities, etc. (See the attached Appendix for further details)

  1. 7. Emulation and Reward

Every year, HAUFO launches emulation movements in friendship associations and organizations to evaluate and reward in time. As a result, its members have tried to finish their assigned tasks well, contributing to promoting Hanoi’s external relations.

During the last tenure, HAUFO and its members have been rewarded with many outstanding emulation titles by the State, the Government, VUFO and the Hanoi People’s Committee.[8]


During the last tenure, HAUFO and its members have become more active, flexible and creative in implementing its activities. This has resulted in comprehensive achivements to expand the relations of friendship, cooperation, and consolidation between Hanoi and other cities in the world. It contributed significantly to the efficiency of Hanoi’s external relations, and strengthened the mutual understanding between the people of Hanoi and international friends, thereby promoting the image of Hanoi as a dynamic, open, hospitable and peaceful capital.

Through diversified and practical forms, these activities have contributed positively to the socio-economic development of the capital, making it more beautiful, civilized, and modern.


  1. Shortcomings

– HAUFO’s activities have achieved good results; however, the activities of its members are not equal in both quantity and quality, the form of operation has not seen much innovation nor initiative.

– HAUFO’s activities have not reached in-depth quality. Information and research of foreign policy inside and outside Vietnam are still limited, and lack of relations to find suitable partners.

– The expansion and development of activities in new localities of Hanoi remains limited.

– The mobilization and reception of humanitarian aid from foreign NGOs have not yet developed strongly, and the number of projects in the Hanoi area are also limited.

– HAUFO hasn’t used all members’ specific strengths and didn’t have many solutions to connect units to create the combined strength.

  1. Reasons

– The number of officials working on people-to-people diplomacy is small, and hasn’t been trained properly. Some have limited command in foreign languages. Non-governmental activities are overlapped with other departments; therefore, the efficiency is not high, failing to meet the objectives for socio-economic development.

– Officials in associations and organizations are often holding concurrently more than one positions, material facilities and expense budget are limited.

– A number of departments, unions and units have not paid attention to people-to-people diplomacy and its role.

  2. Always follow and creatively apply the Party and State guidances and policies. Strictly implement the leadership of the Hanoi Party Committee and People’s Committee. Take advantage of VUFO’s direction and coordination.
  3. Develop the mobilization work to attract many people to participate in people-to-people diplomacy activities. Encourage organizations, units, leaders of departments, branches, intellectuals, social activists to participate.
  4. To be active, creative, always renew the content and form of operation, connect to political tasks, develop friendship and mutual understanding between the Vietnamese people and those in other countries in the world.
  5. Use the aggregate strength of departments, branches, socio-political organizations, VUFO, HAUFO and its members.
  6. Take advantage of Hanoi capital where many diplomatic missions and international organizations are located to maintain close relationship with them, and cooperate in organizing programs.

Part II


In the next tenure, our entire Party and people will strive to successfully implement the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress, the Resolutions and Solutions of the 14th National Assembly and the government, and the Resolution of the 16th Congress of the Hanoi Party Committee.

The Hanoi Party Committee and people are building and developing the capital in the direction of a national hub of politics, administration, culture, education, economic and international transactions, leading the motivation for development of the Red River Delta and the whole country. Hanoi will try its best to finish the industrialization and modernization one to two years earlier than schedule, contributing to the goal of becoming a fundamentally industrialized country by 2020, the renovation, construction and defense of Vietnam.

Based on Hanoi’s special position, the people-to-people diplomacy of the city should closely follow the resolutions of the Party congresses at all levels, Directive 04-CT/TW, dated July 2011 of the Secretariat of the Central Party Committee (11th tenure), and Notice 04-TT/TU, dated November 3, 2011 of the Hanoi Party Committee on continuing innovation and improving efficiency of people-to-people diplomacy in the new situation. We also should continue to promote the motto “activeness, flexibility, creativeness and effectiveness” and valuable experiences in the operation to receive the support for the country’s and the city’s contruction and protection. To achieve these objectives, we should focus on the following steps.

  2. General goals

Use the strength of the political system and people of the capital to renew the contents and form of operation, build the strong, active and creative organization, raise the efficiency of the people-to-people diplomacy, and contribute to the construction of the prosperous, civilized and modern capital.

  1. Main detailed targets

– Strengthen the organization of associations and branches in districts with different models and components to meet the requirements of people-to-people diplomacy.

– Maintain the activities for peace, solidarity and friendship. Organize 3 to 5 more regular activities.

– Maintain and improve the quality of the website and the bulletin.

– Organize an activity promoting economic development per year.

– Promote non-governmental and charitable humanitarian activities. Increase 20% the amount of donation to charity compared with the previous tenure. Actively participate in the Fund for the Poor. Organize timely activities in support of the natural disaster victims.

  1. Breakthrough

– Renovate, diversify and improve the operation quality of member units.

– Pay due attention to training officials, both in political mettle, knowledge and professional skills, to meet the requirements of the new situation.

  2. Expand and enhance the effectiveness of friendship activities and international cooperation

– Organize more activities for peace and friendship. Renew the contents and form of operation. Attach importance to relations with neighboring countries, countries with special relations, and the ASEAN region. Actively mobilize the overseas Vietnamese community to contribute to the construction of the capital and the country. Focus on three areas: (1) introduce the image of the country and the capital, (2) mobilize the support and assistance of partners, (3) combat wrongful arguments, and firmly protecting the ideology of the Party.

– Expand cooperation with international organizations and partners in people-to-people diplomacy to promote the development of economy, investment, trade and tourism in international integration.

– Closely coordinate with VUFO, friendship associations, departments, branches, socio-political organizations, professional associations in Hanoi.

  1. Strengthen exchange activities to expand international relations and external reception

– Actively make plans to submit to the Hanoi Party Committee, the People’s Council and the People’s Committee for organizing exchange activities to communicate and promote to international friends. Mobilize other countries’ support to remove false perceptions regarding the Party and State foreign policy, images of the country and the capital.

Closely coordinated with VUFO and other Hanoi’s departments to welcome the delegations in a thoughtful, safe and effective manner. For each delegation, it is necessary to prepare well the detailed program, including contents, specific responsibilities, participants, etc. After the end of the delegation, a meeting should be held to evaluate for better organization in the following delegations.

– Maintain external reception activities such as congratulating holidays and anniversaries of other countries, international organizations; thereby strengthening the relationship of solidarity, cooperation and friendship with other countries.

  1. Promote the people-to-people diplomacy

– Promote the policies of the Party and the State in external relations and people-to-people diplomacy. Define the objective of the foreign affairs that is contributing to the peaceful and cooperating environment in the period of national contruction and protection. Raise the awareness and responsibility of Party members, officials and people for people-to-people diplomacy.

– Actively provide information on the Party and State’s orientation on foreign affairs issues, actively combating the “peaceful evolution” plot which takes advantage of democratic issues, human rights, ethnicity, or religions to attack us politically. At the same time, diversify forms of introduction of the country and people of Vietnam in the renewal process and Hanoi capital – City for Peace.

– Improving the quality of the website and the bulletin “Friendship & Cooperation”, with updated information on all HAUFO’s and its members’ activities. Closely coordinate with the mass media to promote activities to the Vietnamese people and international friends.

  1. Organize activities to promote economic cooperation

– Continue to hold seminars and workshops, at least once per year, to attract resources to promote and develop the socio-economy of the Capital, and effectively combine economic exchanges with people-to-people diplomacy.

– Assist and encourage member units in working with Hanoi’s departments, to organize visits to find opportunities for economic cooperation people-to-people diplomacy development.

  1. Promote non-governmental and charitable humanitarian activities

– Coordinate with VUFO, PACCOM, the Hanoi Department of Foreign Affairs and the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment to mobilize and receive aids from international organizations, NGOs and individuals for poverty reduction programs, environmental improvement, health care, education, and socio-economic development in the capital.

– Mobilize embassies and international organizations to support humanitarian and charity activities, natural disasters victims, etc.

  1. Strengthen the organization of HAUFO and its members, and improve the quality of activities at all levels

– Strengthen, consolidate, and expand the organization to improve the capacity of the staff and members. Perform HAUFO’s role as a specialized agency in charge of people-to-people diplomacy to coordinate with other departments, branches and agencies in organizing activities under the leadership of the Hanoi Party Committee and the Hanoi People’s Committee.

– Establish of more friendship branches in districts including both bilateral and multilateral friendship associations.

– Improve the responsibility of HAUFO’s Executive Committee and Standing Committee. Consolidate the organization of HAUFO’s Office.

– Organize training courses, seminars, conferences to exchange experiences in people-to-people diplomacy news, foreign languages and IT skills for HAUFO’s officials and staffs.

– Diversify forms of operation. Maintain and further improve the quality and efficiency of operations of HAUFO’s members.

In conclusion of the report on the operation of the previous tenure and the direction for the next tenure, at the 5th Congress of the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations for the 2017-2022 tenure, we appeal to all members to make efforts in successfully implementing the assigned tasks, strengthening the Hanoi’s people-to-people diplomacy, promoting the trend for peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation for mutual development, contributing to the renovation, industrialization and modernization of the Capital and the country, and deserving to be our hero capital – City for Peace.


[1] The authors of the photos are special friends of Hanoi. They are ambassadors and diplomatic staff who are working in foreign embassies and international organizations in Vietnam. In addition, the exhibition also displays the most excellent articles out of nearly 1.3 million ones which participated in the contest learning about “Hanoi – The City for Peace” held by the City Peace Committee. This is one of the activities to celebrate 15 years since Hanoi being recognized as the “City for Peace” by UNESCO.

[2] The papers are prepared thoroughly, sophisticatedly and devotedly. The forum is highly appreciated by experts and of practical significance in the current situation.

[3] Mobilizing and inviting nearly 400 foreigners from 30 embassies, international organizations and schools to participate.

[4] Including the art and cultural activities at the main stage; “Friendship Village” on Lê Thạch Street with 12 stalls of the embassies of Russia, Algeria, East Timor, Laos, South Africa, Cuba, Panama, Thailand, Palestine, Cambodia, Sudan, Venezuela to popularize the images of their countries and people through magazines, souvenirs and food; an area for the photo exhibition “Hà Nội through the eyes of international friends” with the participation of photographers from many countries. The Cultural Festival for Peace ends with the art program “Aspiration for Peace” performed by the artists of Vietnam, staff of Russian, Lao, Palestine, Cuban, Cambodia and Indonesian embassies, and of the Center for Russian Science and Culture.

[5] The opening ceremony was held at Ngô Sỹ Liên Secondary School; after that, nearly 70 atheletes from Việt Nam and Australia, RoK, Indonesia, Mongolia, the US, Nepal, Japan, Singapore and representatives of teachers and students of Ngô Sỹ Liên Secondary School joined the torch parade to Trần Phú High School, where the exchange and closing ceremony took place.

[6] Friendship visits to UK, India, Cambodia, Cuba, Germany, Laos, USA, Nepal, Russia, South Africa, Japan, France, Spain, Thailand, China, Australia, Ukraine, etc.

[7] Annual activities including the anniversary of the birth and death of the Cuban hero José Marti in Tao Dan Garden, the birth anniversary of V.I. Lenin, the celebration of the Russian October Revolution, the anniversary of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, etc.

[8] – HAUFO received: the first-class Labor Medal by the State (2012), the emulation flag by the Prime Minister (2013), the flag of “Excellent Unit” by VUFO (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), the medal “For the peace and friendship among nations” for 6 individuals, the flag of “Excellent Unit” by the Hanoi People’s Committee (2013), Certificate of Merit (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016).

– HAUFO’s Office is recognized by the Hanoi People’s Committee as the outstanding office (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016); the “Excellent Emulation” flag of the Hanoi People’s Committee was awarded to the Hanoi Peace Committee, UNESCO Association, Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association, Vietnam-US Friendship Association, Vietnam-Japan Friendship Association, Vietnam-Australia Friendship Association, Vietnam-South Korea Friendship Association, Vietnam – Cambodia Friendship Association, Vietnam – Thailand Friendship Association, Vietnam – Czech Friendship Association); and many certificates of merit from VUFO and the Hanoi People’s Committee given to units and individuals.