The Hanoi People’s Committee held formal a meeting in Hanoi with an international delegation attending the Congress of the World Peace Council (WPC) Executive Committee


Representing the city of Hanoi was Mr Le Hong Son, vice chairman of Hanoi municipal People’s committee and the leaders of Hanoi union of friendship organizations, the heads of both the Vietnam and Hanoi peace committee and other associated union

The World Peace Council is the leading organization advocating for World peace and universal disarmament. Founded in Prague and Paris on April, 1949.As a result of the meetings of theWorld Congress of Partisans for Peace.With its members from parties, union, committee and peace organization from 135 countries. Vietnam is one the founding members of the Council with 11 delegates attending the original meeting.

Mr Le Hong Son, vice chaiman of the Hanoi municipal People’s committee

Mr Le Hong Son, vice chaiman of the Hanoi municipal People’s committee said at the meeting that as one of the founding members of WPC, Vietnam was and has been taking a very active role in supporting peace movements all around the world, especially in developing countries.Vietnam has also had several impactful movements on the world stage. An exemple for this was the gathering of signatures to support the Stockholm appealof 1950 calling for an absolute ban on nuclear weapons worldwide, or participating in the movement to call for an end to the Korean War (1950-1953) and the unification of both sides on the Korean peninsula. For Vietnam, since its establishment in 1949, The World peace council has considered Vietnam as a top priority, especially in supporting the Vietnames people’s fight for independence and unification. Uniting people from all over the world behind its cause. This help played a crucial role in the triumph of the Vietnamese people in their fight. On behalf of the city of Hanoi, the vice chairman Le Hong Son expresses his wish that the relation between the people of Vietnam and the World Peace Council would grow tighter in the future.

President of the Portugese Council for Peace and CooperationIlda Figueiredo, also a member of the WPC Executive Committee, express her gratitude for the warm welcome from the people of Vietnam. She emphasized that Vietnam, through its struggel for peace and independency, is shining beacon of hope for other nations. She stated her belief that Vietnam will futhuer contribute to the peace movement of the world people and the WPC in particular.

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