Vietnam enclosed children ‘Mr. Minister of me’ Albert Likhanov

Russian famous writer Albert Likhanov received much affection younger audience during the meeting which took place in Hanoi.

Right 20/5, Library in HanoiKim Dong Publishing House in collaboration with the club Reading and held meeting with Russian writer Albert Likhanov occasion of launching the new edition worksMy generals.

Albert Likhanov the famous Russian writerwho writes for childrenHis work has been published on 30 million copies in RussiaNovels and his novella also be translated 34 language in the world.

Present at the meetingAlbert Likhanov writers express emotion when to Vietnam and meet with young readers.

“I and my son had a long discussion decided to go to VietnamI had high agefar distant road againBut nowI was here with youEnthusiasm and affection you really touched me “Russian writers share.

House Likhanov vanAlbert expressed happiness when presented with a book My generals worn nape.

Writer Albert said LikhanovMy generalsis a book filled with emotionis he writing from her heartWhere right from the publisherThe work was much loved. total 1,5 million copies have been sold since launch.

Veteran Russian author glad Publisher Kim Dong implement new edition of the bookHe called it the rebirth of a work familiar to generations of readers.

Also at the meetingwriter Albert Likhanov changed book My generals termiteRussian version of his signature to get the book of the same name already frayed spine from a woman Vietnam.

“I am happy to see his works are read to dilapidatedI was happier when female readers donated book to take home as a souvenir from a trip to Vietnam “Veteran writer sharing.

In response to the feelings of the famous writerVietnamese female readers said Albert Likhanov sister reading since I was ChildrenAlbert Likhanov big idolwho helped her mature.

End of the meetingchildren present in the audience rushed the stage to take souvenir photos with writer Albert LikhanovThe famous author was born in 1935 Russia’s arms around the kids Vietnamface exudes happiness.