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1. At the end of July 2010, HAUFO’s leaders received Diplo Partners Association in Hanoi and introduced its peace, friendship and charitable activities to them. Venezuela’s Ambassador’s Spouse, who is a chairwoman of Diplo Partners Association in Hanoi, gave her idea of holding activities to welcome Great Commemoration of 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi such as: visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, giving gifts to 3 new-born babies who will be born first on October 10th 2010.

2. On the morning of 3/8/2010, the Organizing Board of Run for children 2009: Vice Standing Chairwoman of  HAUFO Vu Thi Hai, Candian Ambassador Deanna Horton and General Director of Group Insurance Manulife in Vietnam visited Hanoi Heart Hospital. This is one of three units that were received funds raised from the Run for Children 2009. Presently, the foundation is being used to carry out heart surgery for poor children patients. To 10/2010, the hospital will disburse out of grant money through the implementation of heart transplants and humanitarian heart operations.

3. On 8/8/2010, the National Committee for ASEAN 2010 and Hanoi People's Committees organized the March "For an ASEAN community of peace and prosperity”. HAUFO that was assigned  as a standing unit in coordination with other departments and agencies of the city organized the activity. The March attracted over 10,000 participants and took place in atmosphere of excitement, happiness. It left a good impression in our international friends.

4. On the morning of 21/8/2010, at Vietnam – Hungary Industrial College , No. 1 Huu nghi, Xuan Khanh, Son Tay, Hanoi, on the occasion of National Day of Hungary (20/8) and Vietnam's National Day (2/9), the Vietnam - Hungary Friendship Association of Hanoi in combination with Vietnam - Hungary Friendship Association held a cordial meeting including people who have ever studied and worked in Hungary and launching ceremony of Vietnam - Hungary Friendship Branch of the Vietnam – Hungary Industrial College.


5. A meeting of the Organizing Committee and the Jury of International contest to discover Thang Long-Hanoi “Hanoi-Your destination” 2009-2010 was held on August 25th 2010. At the deadline, the Organizing Committee has received 1789 essays in 6 languages including: Chinese: 347 essays; Vietnamese: 308 essays; English: 296 essays; Esperanto: 213 essays; French: 311 essays; and Russian: 314 essays.

   The Organizing Committee has propagandized widely by various forms such as: holding exchanges meetings to talk about contest, propagandizing contest in e-newspapers, radio and television broadcasting…so total of essays of contest 2009-2010 is more than ones last years. Some essays were completed by careful research. The contestants were from 42 different countries as well as different ages and occupations, especially participation of diplomatists who are working in Vietnam. Some contestants have participated in the contest for 5 years since 2005.

   The Summarizing Ceremony of ten-year contest will be held at 9h00 on October 7th 2010 at Hanoi Opera House and telecasted live on Channel H1 of Hanoi Radio-Television.

   6. On the evening of August 30th 2010 at Hanoi Daewoo hotel, a meeting with the international friends was held by Hanoi People’s Committee. Representatives of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, HAUFO, City officials and 65 foreign guests from many different nations attended the meeting. On behalf of Hanoi leaders, Mr Dao Van Binh, Executive member of the Bureau of The Communist Party Committee in Hanoi, Chairman of the Hanoi Fatherland Front Committee affirmed: Vietnam has been developing step by step and keeps a meritorious position in the world; it was highly appreciated, recorded and loved by the international friends. He also said: “Vietnamese people are deeply grateful for the international friends’ lofty sentiments, support, and highly valuable assistance toward Vietnam in the cause of struggles for national liberation as well as in the task of national construction and development in accordance with international integration”. Speaking on behalf of our international friends, Major-general Xuvong Vongphon, Vice General Director of General Department of Services of Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s Defence Ministry, congratulated Vietnam’s achievements and wished friendship between Vietnam and other foreign countries to develop steady. The meeting gained successful and left a good impression in our international friends.

   7. On the afternoon of August 31st 2010, at 23 Cao Ba Quat, Hanoi, it was the first time when HAUFO had a working session with Mrs. Katherine Muller-Marin, Chief representative of UNESCO office in Hanoi. Two sides exchanged a plan to hold friendship and cooperative activities from now to the end of this year, especially to welcome the Great Commemoration of 1000 years of Thang Long – Hanoi. Mrs. Katherine highly appreciated peace and friendship activities organized by HAUFO. She also informed UNESCO office in Hanoi in combination with Vietnam’s Ministries, Departments, agencies will organize an exhibition “Ho Chi Minh and lifelong learning” in order to encourage people to follow an example of Uncle Ho’s learning. Also in this time, General Director of UNESCO will visit Vietnam and attend many events in different provinces; especially happening an important event is that General Director of UNESCO will hand over the Certificate of the relics of Thang Long Citadel as World Cultural Heritage to Hanoi. 

   On behalf of HAUFO, Mrs. Vu Thi Hai, vice standing chairwoman of HAUFO, thanked enthusiastic participation of Mrs. Katherine, spouse and her colleagues in HAUFO’s activities. She also hopes to receive UNESCO office’s cooperation in HAUFO’s peace and friendship activities in the future in order to further propagandize Hanoi’s culture in particular and Vietnam’s culture in general to international friends, as well as to receive quintessence of International civilization.

    8. On the afternoon of September 3rd 2010, at Hanoi Youth Culture and Sports Palace, Vietnam-Lao Friendship Asociation in combination with Vietnam-Lao Friendship Association of Hanoi organized a friendship exchanges meeting between Lao’s delegation visiting Vietnam and Vietnam’s former experts and volunteer army who helped Lao’s people. Leaders of HAUFO, Vietnam-Lao Friendship Association of centre and Hanoi attended the meeting. About Lao’s friends’ side, Ambassador Soonthorn Xayachack and officials of Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s embassy to Vietnam were present.

     In his opening speech, Doctor Doan Minh Chau, Deputy chairman of Vietnam-Lao Friendship Association, chairman of Vietnam-Lao Friendship Association of Hanoi warmly welcomed Lao’s delegation’s visit to Vietnam. The delegation included Laotian citizens who protected and helped Vietnamese volunteer army. On behalf of Lao’s friends, Ambassador highly appreciated a meaningful meeting organized by Vietnam-Lao Friendship Association of centre and Hanoi. She also believed that the meeting today will contribute significantly to further promote special friendship between Lao and Vietnam.

   9. Practically welcoming the 1000th Founding Anniversary of Thang Long – Hanoi, the 56th Anniversary of Hanoi Liberation, on the evening of 18/9/2010, at Hanoi Youth Culture and Sports Palace, Hanoi UNESCO Federation, HAUFO’s branch in combination with world UNESCO office in Hanoi held the 8th annually festival of dance & music  “Resounding peaceful city”. Representatives of centre and city were present. This year, because of the Great Commemoration, festival was organized widely from grassroots level and attracted hundreds of participants. Festival gained successful and left a good impression.



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